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First TV commercial I wrote for Coca-Cola at McCann Erickson was a commercial for a contest called Capital Caps starring Tim Conway

Capital Caps Tim Conway 2.jpg

Then McCann Toronto sent me to McCann NYC and Bill Backer asked me to write the lyrics for this Coca--Cola commercial :"Sell a Million"




I first worked at McCann Erickson in Toronto as a copywriter on the Coca-Cola account. After the success of my little contest commercial for Coca Cola starring Tim Conway, the door to New York opened for me and I worked in New York at the McCann Erickson office (pictured right) in their Lexington Avenue offices under Creative Director Bill Backer.

Bill asked me to write a jingle. I wrote the lyrics “It Oughta Sell A Million for a Coca Cola jingle that later became a song (below). Unfortunately, I was a junior copywriter, so when the song took off, I found that my boss, Bill Backer, had taken credit for the lyrics and well, there was no arguing that back then.

Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 1.58.13 PM.png

Copywriting and Comedy – an interview by James Shortly

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