• dave2130

Mars or Bust

Okay, instead of protesting and getting all anxious about the fate of America under Trump, just accept that it’s over for America and it’s time to get the hell out of here.

And don’t wait for Elon Musk or Richard Branson, to it for you. Start building your own space program now! Think of yourselves as religious dissidents in 15th Century Europe. GET OUT! And don’t whine about the radiation in space you big babies! Start working on your own force fields. What? Too difficult for you? Then befriend some nerds who have the skill sets. The Quakers had to find nerds who could build wooden ships to get out of pox-ridden, religiously backward 15th Century Europe. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! My goal is to retire on Mars. See you there or not. Your call, puny Earthlings!

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