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I was 14 years old on November 22, 1963. Like millions of Americans on that day, I felt that something really terrible happened. Yes, we lost a President - and that was terrible. But, much worse, we saw the true Darkness of America emerge from the shadows for a moment and snuff out someone who opposed them. If loss of innocence is seeing real evil for the first time, then that is what happened that day. Things have changed since 1963. The Darkness was more frightened back then. Frightened of being exposed and being held accountable. So they covered their tracks, killing Oswald and others who might expose them. Five years later, they killed Robert Kennedy because they feared he might avenge his brother's death and take them down. And they killed others. Many others. But over the years, these evil men became emboldened, realizing that they didn't need to cover their tracks any more. All they needed to do was use the media to disseminate disinformation and we the people would get confused or frustrated and move on to the next news item. So many times, I've heard people say, "If there was indeed a conspiracy to kill JFK, why didn't people speak out?" Well they did - David Lifton, Mark Lane, Jim Garrison to name only a few. But the evil men dealt with these voices by flooding the media with counter stories, and we the people moved on to watch the next high speed freeway chase, or Madonna's wardrobe mishap. Yes, America has changed a lot since 1963. Today, our congressmen and women no longer represent us, they brazenly represent the big corporations owned by these evil men whose lobbyists get them elected. And the media will never expose them because they literally own the media. And we the people have seen America slide from a democracy to an oligarchy, controlled by these men. It's too bad really. America was a bold experiment. A beacon of light in a world of darkness. A land of opportunity that opened its doors to the poor, the tired and the hungry. But now those doors are closed and that beacon of light has dimmed. Tomorrow I will give thanks for the good years behind me because what lies ahead for America does not look nice at all.

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